Anyone in Oahu, HI

Anyone in Oahu, HI


i just recently ordered DG's two books from the TV ad and i am almost done reading "Profit from Real Estate Right Now" i was just wondering if there is anyone in Oahu, Hawaii that i can ask questions with and keep in contact because i need help and i don't have the finances right now. Maybe just a mentor if you will. If there is anyone that can help me out that i can keep in contact with that would be great. Maybe even work together! Please let me know. Thank you!!



Aloha, I am on the mainland, in the midwest but I would like to be in Hawaii especially with winter several weeks away. The more you network the more your sphere of influence around real estate will expand. You may want to try to find a local investment club in your area. This is a great way to network and meet other investors. Also, as you network and build your team you may meet other local investors that you can learn from too. Good luck with investing and finding a mentor. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Aloha Fumetsu and Indiana-Joe!
Now here's a place I'll get started, as I am a new student of Dean, from O‘ahu too. I am super excited with this new direction in life with real estate investing. I hope to see you around and I will look for a local investment club and let you know if I find any. PS. Mahalo Joe, it was an inspiring video with you and your wife last week. And I noticed your UH Hawai‘i shirt! Take care, Randy Smiling


Hey there,

It is so good to see that there is family member out there that is just like me, NEWBIES. I am chanting from up here in the COLD and SNOWY state of UTAH. I am looking forward to Invest in the lovely Island of Hawaii sooner than later, that is why I am sooooooo happy I came across you guys. I know a little bit around Downtown Honolulu for I had live there for almost 11 years. Hence I know people there that we can help put them in their own homes and make money off them. I really don't know about their credit status but I do know that they are making alot of money, MONEY......A little bit of advice, keep visiting this site for it is filled with great ideas and great people. Best of all, YOU GET MOTIVATION everytime you enter and read all these success stories. UNTIL THEN, GOD BLESS.....A UIO.



Deimen Lihpai