Looking for a Mentor in North Jersey/ Metro NYC

Looking for a Mentor in North Jersey/ Metro NYC

Hey everyone, read up on Dean' s how to become a RE millionaire(twice haha)
Im 19 years old and really anxious and excited to see what the future holds for me.
Would love to see how this business is done

Please contact because time is running out and we need to conquer all of the local markets in the area.

God Bless and I hope hearing from anyone =)

Roman N.



Hey Roman

I'm not a mentor but im working with a mentor and network with a group of investors and have a partner in Real State deals that have mentors too. Right now we are going to a networking group in Harlem that meets every month and was founded by a Real State Investor called Duane, the good thing about it is that he is kind of a mentor to the group and share his ideas and Real State projects without charging a dime. So you can send me an email and i can send you the group info.

Take Care



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Getting started

Dean's books are great, I am ready to get started... but don't know how to start.
I would love to attend that network group in Harlem could you send me that information too!
buggsie0414@**** .



I send you an email on 10/27 did you receive it?


Nope, never got it, was kinda waiting for it haha. Send it again : )

I would love to get some

I would love to get some information on the group aswell. I reside in Central Jersey but it's no problem for me to travel up north.

EMAIL: IAMREI@live.com

Thank you!


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never got that email.. send

never got that email.. send itttt!!