My Target Area

My Target Area

Hi Folks, this is my first posting.....

I bought the book, quit my corporate job and signed up for the academy (two weeks ago) and I am super super excited and motivated.

My issue is that I have had so much information, which is all good, but I don't know where to start....I think its because I don't know my target area.....

I thought I wanted to start with assignments and anything else that allowed me to invest without having to get a mortgage or use lots of money so I got all the course work related to this topic...but now I don't know.

My area (Hollywood, CA) has nothing for sale under 300k and I am a little nervous about my first deal being on a property in that price range.

Do I change what I want to do and look at other areas or try a different strategy? Or do I just bite the bullet and do what the course said....

I am just getting myself in a bit of a state about this and really need some direction from all you experts out there.

Also, if anyone lives in the WEHO area, as its affectionately called by the locals (West Hollywood) and can offer me any advice about our area I would be most grateful.

Warmest regards



Deborah Sass
In Hollywood to make my real estate dream come true!


Just wanted to send out a warm welcome. I hope you are ready to jump in and not just get your feet wet. If there is any thing I can do to help just give me a shout.

Are you in Los Angeles? That

Are you in Los Angeles? That would really help.....if you are not, no problem thanks for the welcome anyhow x


Deborah Sass
In Hollywood to make my real estate dream come true!


Sorry, but no, I am on the opposite side of the continent. I am in the Washington D.C./ Baltimore MD area. There is nothing wrong with having a little bit of fear, thats a good thing, especially when you are doing something new, just don't let it cripple you.

Go ahead and bite the bullet!!

You should do exactly what the course says, and bite that bullet. What are your rservations?

Hi Deborah

Read the new post entitled "Attn: New Investors - How To Get Started" that will cover allot of your questions. Here's the link below;

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