AZREIA monthly meeting in Phoenix, Az.

AZREIA monthly meeting in Phoenix, Az.

Are any DG members going to the Az. Real Estate Investors Association meeting on Dec. 14 ?

I'll be going and would like to meet other DG members that are going. If you're up for that, drop me a line. The info on the meeting is on the AZREIA website.

I went to the Phoenix Real Estate Investors club meeting last night, Dec. 8 and found it friendly, open, and full of good information. The speaker and president of the club is very knowledgeable and friendly to talk to. You will meet buyers, sellers, and service related people talking very candidly about the market. It was a good experience, And I look forward to going again.

I haven't been to a AZREIA meeting yet but am hoping it is as friendly and open.

I would recommend these meetings for an up to date look at real estate trends in our local market.


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