I'm a New DG member in atlanta ,ga

I'm a New DG member in atlanta ,ga

I'm looking for a parter in georgia to team up with.
i'm a single dad raiseing my 3 kids by myself.
there's lot and lots of real estate here in ga,i'm new to the real estate business, need help.



Welcome to the family. Start reading and learning as much and as soon as possible. Try the Success Academy also. If you have not joined a REI club, you should look into that asap. You will meet other investors there who are trying to do what you are---Make Money. But get into the book and stay on this site. There are many great people here who will help you as much as they can, and it is for free. Good Luck...Jan

Hi Tim

Welcome to the DG family! Jans advice is right on target. This site is like having a partner - theres so much info and support every where you turn. And going to a local RE club is a great resource for meeting other investors, lenders, agents - everyone you need to know! Best of luck to you! I would also suggest to start your own journal in the members journal section...its an excellent way to not only share your experiences and ask questions as you go, but its really fun to go back later and see how much you've learned and grown along the way - enjoy!

I live in the ATL area as well :D

Hey there Tim. I just happen to be in the Atlanta area myself, a little north, however I've already started to do some due diligence in the downtown and surrounding areas. I was actually just about to make a similar post when I came across your post, imagine that. I tend to believe I'd see more results if I had someone there to hold me accountable and someone who has the same goals in mind. They're right, try to read as much as possible, and join the RE Success Academy, but first send me an email and we'll talk more.

Best Regards,

See,There Ya Go

Look at that. Laura and I got you matched up with someone in Hotlanta!! Guess what? It was for free. Good luck to you and your new investing associate....Jan

I'm in Cherokee County

I'm in Cherokee County (approx 30 miles north of the city). I have a Real Estate license in Georgia (inactive). I too am looking to build a team to jumpstart my new career.

I'll send you a PM.




I'm new to the atl area and venturing into RE, looking for other investors...I
self-employed...hard to get money from banks being a freelancer...any suggestions....what are your opinions on cash purchases and how much less on the listing offers do you think should be made....20%...30%. thanks

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