New Member here in NYC Longisland

New Member here in NYC Longisland

hi guys i just bought deans books of 29.95 and got the find funding right now free

so i was reading through the books that i have bought and i am still confused on what to start with.

i am really interested in doing real estates profit but i heard mixed reviews about dean and the company. i was wondering if this company is legit business to deal with,

i want to learn and work my way up to the top like others have in this site. so please give me few tips and strategies that i need to know before i start.

i need more facts and info before i start this.

im on a tight budget with fair credit. also my family and myself is on a way to foreclosure on a house that we rented and we need to make money as fast as we can. so i def think real estate will be good for me to start my way.

the PMI called me and we talked alot of good interested points about the company hes been very nice and not forceful about the details and such.

so guys i hope i will learn as much as you did. i am willing to learn and earn my way up to the top.

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This metaphor has been used before, but reading Dean's books are like reading a recipe guide for your favorite dishes. Find something that you understand and are comfortable enough with and just follow the steps. I personally found the idea of doing assignments pretty elemetary. The only thing you invest is time, so it's a risk free enterprise that you can use to make small or large returns. Just a suggestion.

Also, as far as Dean being legit... After reading his books I'd say that I certainly have the confidence and know-how to make a career out of investing in real estate; it's all about getting out there and making it for yourself. Just look at the testimonials to his book... I've learned a lot just from the examples of others who have used Dean's techniques and are now successful. Many of them started off just like you and I, some even worse off; now they are an INSPIRATION for people like you and I.

Do some outside research on the real estate business in general if you need to (I did). Compare and contrast what you learn; whatever it takes to get you going. But DO get out there and just try something. And by the way, there many people here on this site that can quide and help you...

My wisdom is perhaps small, but I hope that it has helped you in some way. I wish you the best of luck.

hey guys its been very long

hey guys its been very long time since i joined here

i have been slacking off through this and i missed out alot with it

i know thats not good thing but i was really busy with family friends work and so on. its just been hectic for me so i kinda put this away for now.

but as i thought about this twice it struck me that i got into this again. but i have low credit and some money left in me. it says here on deans book i dont need credit to invest in real estate. so i am very intrigued with that and somewhat skeptic.

so if you guys can prove me wrong that would be great. i still have the books that i purchased and i read alot through it. it just i didnt have the time but i want to make up for it because i def like to be in this business.

PS im only 25 with my lovely wife and need some motivation to take me to the right paths here.

hope you guys can guide me some good ways while i start taking action

Motivation ???

Finish the reading the books, & re-read if necessary. Bird dog, assign, or
sandwich lease is pretty much the only way to invest in RE with no money/credit. As for motivation, if you're on you way to foreclosure, now's the perfect time, don't wait until it's too for being 25, what I would give to have had this opportunity at 25. This is not a get rich quick scheme & hundred dollar bills won't fall out of the books...take the knowledge
& work with it.