Hello I'm looking to partner up with someone possibly, all be it a cash investor or maybe someone who thinks a little more differently then I do.

I currently am living the the 16001 zip, commonly known as Butler County.

I have been in the middle of deals for awhile watching and calling and they slip right by... Usually capital is the problem, but obviously not always. Maybe I need another way of thinking.

If you are a cash investor, I can personally do all hands on work, running around, contracts and such.

If you are another investor like myself, we can work together to conquer are obstacles... two minds are indeed better then one if centered on the same goal!!

I am NOT scared to ask questions to anyone I call, done plenty already Smiling So maybe your a smarter investor then I am but just shy... We could work on it!

Please PM me if you're interested!! We can do GREAT things!!

Thank You for your Time! I look forward to meeting my partner!

Knowledge is Power
- Pimpedoutgeese


Allow your fear to gently pass. Then genuinely ask yourself,
“What needs to be done?”

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