REI Club in Los Angeles

REI Club in Los Angeles

Hi everyone,

After searching for an area club, and I mean, how hard could it be, LA is huge and we have a crazy active market, I finally found one actually in LA (well, that is if you consider Beverly Hills and Santa Monica to be LA).

Anyway, I know there was discussion some time back about where to find a club in LA. I went to my first meeting with them last night and it was excellent. The speaker was a woman who wrote the CA foreclosure agreement and has had input in drafting laws. She's been working the area for 31 years. So, good speaker, nice refreshment layout, and I connected with a few other REIs. It really is important to keep moving at those things. Next month I plan on working the crowd a bit more efficiently.

If you're in the area and looking for a club, its websites are or They had been charging $25 per meeting but are now waiving that.

One of the other REIs I was talking to also told me about another club. He told me he would send me their info. I'll post when I receive it.

P.S. You can rest assured that I brought Dean's name and up in almost every conversation I had.



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