I'm a very motivated beginner looking to assign deals in SE Iowa , but from the various properties I've researched , it doesn't look like there's any room for a profit. This is causing me to get very discouraged. I'm also having a heck of a time finding buyers for this area.

Any help or suggestions would be deeply appreciated.


Tomorrow Is Never Guaranteed, So Make The Most Of Today & Don't Put Off What Can Be Done Now!


Notice the word D I S Courage. Man hang in there.

Your offers are not going to be based on the listing price and you hoping there's room to make a profit.

I suggest you re-read Greg Murphy's story in Dean's latest book as well as other stories.

RE investing is not an over night sensation, it take time, patience, consistency, and persistence. Develop a plan and stick to it.

Also, try contacting one of Dean's coaches for assistance and besure to read the blogs and forums. Lots of good stuff.

Hang in there!

Go on the Dg site often and get encouragement. I think you need to start building a team. Read your book also, it always helps me!


It appears to me that you are doing a great job! If your offers were readily accepted then that would be something to be concerned about. It appears that you are learning to negotiate! Be persistant! Deals are out there. Contrary to popular beliefs, there are many investors with cash having a field day with these current conditions and making big money.

If you are trying to locate these buyers that are legitimate, you can be sure they have funds by attending your local foreclosure auction. You can find these auctions usually by contacting your local county courthouse to find out when and where the next foreclosure auction will take place. After you have found out this information then you can attend the sale and meet several cash buyers in person! They are like faithful church goers, and if you attend a few of these auctions you will see alot of the same faces. Remember this is not a place where you go and get a loan to buy these homes, it is all cash transactions and the buyer usually to even bid will have to put down a large non-refundable deposit in the event they win the auction and try to walk away from the deal.

I want you to know above all else you can do it! The only way to fail is to quit. Look at all the things that you have learned to this point! Not to mention all the experience that you have gained. You have a lot of investors at the forum for encouragment and ideas on any transaction that you are working on! YOU CAN DO THIS! Wait, Look - YOU ARE DOING IT! Keep up the good work - it will pay off!


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