HAWAII Power Team

HAWAII Power Team

Looking for Investors to assemble a team of professionals with and spread our network around different areas of the island to help each other progress. It's not easy to go on it alone here in beautiful yet expensive Hawaii, but if we work together to gather each other's brokers, agents, appraisers, etc. Then we all win because we can gain other's confidence and business for helping them also. Hope to hear some feedback. Im still new to the Real Estate language and way of doing things, but i have the heart to learn and want to succeed, especially with my family in mind that keeps me going. I've literally bought everything Dean had to offer and still reading over everything and just jumped into the Academy not too long ago because I want to know everything and I want to succeed, don't you?

"We need a strong social network if we plan to spread and gain the confidence of others"


Way to Go Braddah!

Just want to say hi and glad to see someone from my former home state! I was living on the Big Island Hilo side, my folks still have a house out there and some leased property out on the coast. Good for you for joining the Academy and doing what it takes! Happy investing!


Aloha Amy

Thanks for the reply Amy. Im hoping for the best, its really scary because i feel like i can't do most strategies that would work in the mainland, over here in hawaii jus because its a different ball game when it comes to doing real estate and trying to keep myself motivated but falling down at times when i noticed no one is willing to step out of their comfort zone and just have an open mind to thinkin different n not followin the rest of the crowd or getting told that im crazy for thinking/doing that. I dont really know much about hawaii, i just got to experience it this year and i get two different feedbacks, the business side n the local ppl's point of views n it has me trapped in the middle of who should i go of as far as opinions go..hmmm..i think to myself everyday, if i could start in the mainland this would be alot easier but im not there, so i got to make it work somehow. But im glad someone is reading this post haha..