Looking for Charlotte, NC investors

Looking for Charlotte, NC investors

My mom and I are still trying to put our first deal together, but we feel a little in over our heads. We'd love to find some more of you guys out there in Charlotte, to swap ideas with. We are desperately trying to make this succeed so we can be financially free!

Thanks everyone! Have a blessed week!



Charlotte, NC. INVESTORS

Hello Tara,
I live in Charlotte,N.C Would love to talk with you and your mother. Here is my e-mail address curtisfillers@****.Email me and I will give you my number.Thanks
Have a nice day.


Hi Curtis. Thanks for

Hi Curtis. Thanks for responding!

I can't tell what the complete email address is on your reply, so I can't send a regular email.

I guess the thing we're having trouble with is how to build our buyers list. We need to find people without spending any money on marketing. What methods have you used to find buyers?

Thanks, and have a blessed day!


Building Buyer List

You should go to local Real Estate Investors Assoc. In Charlotte, They have a very successful one. Get business cards from everyone and let them know you will contact them if you get a deal.Good Luck!