Hey DGers.

Hey DGers.

Hi, does anyone remember what was suggested by the DG website, or does anyone have there own suggestion on which is the best website to use for a satellite/aerial image of a property? Thanks mike


google maps


I like to use google maps..When street view is available it works great.
Try this on your home address to see for yourself.

Note: If the home you are looking for is not in a well know area or in the sticks,it will not show a street view.


google maps.

Mike, & Eric,
Just be careful some Google maps are Not up to date. For instance; They have been building a Over 50's complex about 1/8 mile from my house for the last year & 1/2. But it still just shows up as a farm field!!!


Hey, thanks for your imput i will give it a try.


WWW.BING.COM/MAPS look at a big city and and see how it works. BE SURE TO CLICK ON BIRDS EYE VIEW. its like being in a helicopter flying over you can see so much...................... look at your house if it is not available then go to the big city. however its scary to see how much info about us is on the internet................