I want to partner with motivated DGers in Atlanta, Tampa and Miami

I want to partner with motivated DGers in Atlanta, Tampa and Miami

I am currently looking for partners who are interested in investing with wholesaling properties in Atlanta, Miami and Tampa. If you would like to get involved with the wholesaling end of real estate investing, please contact me. I have found that my particular niche is finding deals/buyers and working with the motivated sellers and investors. I am currently finding a lot of great deals in my area, and have built a very large buyers list in a very short period of time. I also realized that I can do this virtually anywhere in the country. I also know how to wholesale all types of deals (Short Sales, REOs, etc.).

I want to spend all my time finding the deals and bringing in the buyers. I am looking for partners who are willing to do the due diligence (going to look at the property and analyzing the deals, showing the property to end buyers, going to closing, etc.). I would prefer if you are a realtor or have access to a realtor who you are close with. I am willing to help mentor anyone along who I partner with and we will be making serious cash. All profits will be split 50/50. The great thing about wholesaling is we will be getting paid fast!

I am looking for 1 person from each of these markets to partner with, so please message me if you are interested. You can also send me an email at larry@samlawproperties.com.



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