Looking for a FL investing Partner

Looking for a FL investing Partner

Hi all!

I currently live in South Florida and am interested in getting started investing in all of Florida. I just finished Dean's first two books and would like to start out working with a partner. It'd be great to share ideas, set goals and plan with another investor. You don't have to live in the area phone, email, and video meetings can be arranged.

Please do not message with deals... right now I am just looking for a REI partner.

Private message me if you are interested.




South Florida Investor(s)

Hello and Good Morning,

I am interested in investment. I see your message regarding investors has been posted for some time now. Can you tell me something of how your real estate investments have progressed within south Florida? And are you still looking for investors?

I do know of another investor working from New York state with a family member living within Florida. They are rehabbing and flipping foreclosures.

Thanks and Good Hunting,


looking for investor in central fl

hi jim just saw your message on board ,and was wondring if you are interested in central fl ,if you are i would like to speak with you via email,phone,ect. i live in the area and am finding really good deals. if so plz let me know.dale

Looking for Florida Investors

We do investing out of Florida too.
We have been in the market down in Florida for over a couple of years. We are in Missouri and we do everything by fax, email, or by telephones.
We have partners in Florida that we work with on all levels of investing.
I would be interested in what you have.