Hey DG family. Here is one of my strategies for building my buyers list. I am having some flyers made that say " I sell houses below fair market value! CALL NOW!" I might even use another one and pass them around at apartment complexes that say " why rent when you can own for the same monthly payment? Let me help you find your dream home! CALL NOW!" These flyers will be done on "golden rod" color of paper. What do you guys think?? I know there are forums that talk about building your buyers list but I just want some opinions? Do these sound legit, simple, and catchy? Anything else I should add to them or take away?

Thanks DG fam. Happy investing!!



Sounds good to me Josh!!!

Sounds good to me Josh!!! Print it out and pass them around. If you're targeting people in apartments as what you said, go ahead. They are first time home buyers and might be considering buying Today because many of them are getting money from tax refund etc. Go-go-go.

Blessings to all. LA


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Thanks alot Irababao. I

Thanks alot Irababao. I appreciate the help and advice. Im going to get the printed right now. Out the door I GO......

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