Looking for a Tampa Realtor...any recommendations?

Looking for a Tampa Realtor...any recommendations?

My business partner and I are in the process of dissolving our business and have one more property to sell. We are upside down on this property and will have to short it (long story). Is anyone out there working in the Tampa area and able to recommend a good, aggressive Realtor? I've googled Tampa real estate and even called a few title companies for suggestions, but all the glitz and glamour doesn't always sell properties. I know that this is kind of a strange request since most of us are looking to buy and I'm looking for help to sell.


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Walter Fabiszewski
Southern, FL

Tampa Realtor

Hi Walt,

I have a cash buyer in Tampa for Short Sales. He has negotiators and can get the deal done for you fast.Email me @ sjohnsontwelve@**** or send pm to me