Tired of Hoping!

Tired of Hoping!

Hi, My name is Shawn Downey and I am trying to start my business in Real Estate! I have read many books and all of Dean's except his new one. I know inside and out about buying and selling with no credit, no money yet i have done the things like craigslist, Kijji ads to build buyers list, yet only a few responses. I have looked at properties and I feel like nothing is working as it used too. I have no money to join the academy and or a reia group in cincinnati but my heart has been real estate for years now and still cant seem to put the puzzle together. I write today because i am tired of hoping! My family is in dyer need for me to succeed. I keep doing what i know yet failing every night. I go to work at my dead end job and hate it and i mean hate it, so i write to get this off my chest and hopefully change my mindset that this truly will work.
I do want to thank Dean for everything he has done to keep the dream alive and providing me the knowledge that maybe i can overcome the adversity and build my dream business in Real Estate! Thank you Dean! Thank you...
Shawn Downey



i am in the same boat. this forum has been very helpful though. other students give their plans that expand on dean's books. hang in there!

I know the feeling

Not too long ago I was ready to give up. No one was supporting me in my decisions and I really felt miserable. So I gave up. But I did keep doing one thing. Every person I met I would talk to about REI. I mean any chance I had to talk about it I would. A couple of months ago I am at one of my kids activities and I started talking to another mother. In a couple of weeks just like that I had found a partner. She loves Real Estate and it has been her dream to become an investor for a long time. So here we are a month later we have a business name, logo and starting to build a team. I could never have done it on my own.
Maybe you could find someone in your area who is also starting out. It really helps to have someone push me a little further each day. Some people can do it on their own and I wish I was one of them but I am not.
I don't know if this helps but if you can go to a few REI meetings and talk to a few people you might just find someone willing help.

You can do this!!!

I just want to tell you... You Can Do This!! I Got my books on the 15th of March. I have wanted to own property for a long time. I work for myself doing house cleaning. I have bad credit and had just gotten notice that I would have to move out of the house I not only grew up in but that I have raised my 4 kids and my new grandson in this house. All my hopes and dreams were in this house. I was suppose to buy this house. A contract never gotten written up since it was a family member that owned it. Part of every months rent was suppose to go to the house payment( down payment) Only that never happened. He finally gave me a written offer in July of last year. During this time nothing has been fixed or updated except what I have done. He wanted me to pay 250.000 The house is worth less than 150,000 with an illegal septic system and LOTS of other problems. I told someone else that there was no way I was going to buy the house at that price and how upset I was that non of the money I have paid for the last 16 years was going to the house. He let me know a couple months ago that I would need to be out by July 1st.

I bought Deans books as a way to start helping myself and my kids, little did I know how easy this would be for me.

I clean three houses that are owned by friends in the RE business so I called my favorite one who I felt would be a good fit for me and told her what I wanted to do. She started sending me listings that fit what I was looking for and that were carried by the owner. I found a 4/2 on one acre and went to look at it.
After two weeks I found that she was lowering the price 10,000 so instead of asking 210.000 she was asking 200.000. I did my research and learned that it was worth 250.000 and she was not living here and just wanted to get rid of it.

I offered her 198.000 ( since she will carry full loan for me) asked that she repair the roof and I found a friend who will loan me the 10,000 to put down.
I thought outside the box on the money I needed and had went to several people to see if they would invest 1000.00 each so that I would not have to put any money down out of my pocket. That is when my friend let me know that she would loan me the entire amount needed.
God Bless Good Friends, Family and most of all Dean for giving me the tools and the inspiration to be able to do this with no money down,bad credit, and in one months time!!!!

If I can do this then so can you!
My motto is, If you do not believe in yourself then who else will????

You can do this You can do this You can do this!!!!!!

Best of luck~


Don't give up

Hi everyone,

The program works. I bought a house with no money down. It was a foreclosure. I bought it for business reasons. 2 months after purchasing this home I got into a motorcycle accident. You got it folks I am lucky to be alive and after getting out of the hospital I actually watched my house go into auction. I know what a short sale is and how it works. I know what a REO is and how it works. I believe Dean, He knows what he is talking about in todays market. I have read his books and needless to say hear I am once again starting over at 52. The process works. For investors,buyers,sellers,and money use google search engine and get out there and do the work. It is not going to happen unless you make it happen. Good Luck all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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