Network,,......and more network

Network,,......and more network

To my DG family,

To understand how the market is, you must be in the market. Meaning if you're home on the computer all the time looking for deals and thnigs are going slow for you, its probably because you're not outside where the deals are.

I understand most of us have responsibilities like kids, jobs, etc but if this is going to work for you, you've got to make the time. Networking events, andything real estate related where at the end you're not buying a product, though those arent bad either, open houses, etc.

Its coming up to election time and getting an in with local or state politicians never hurt either; go to fundraisers of all parties, drop a donation, mingle amongst the crowd, mention you're a RE investor, hand out your cards, and watch how you get phone calls back.

Last night I went out(on my normal 2-3 days weekly 'hustle tour') and met a gentleman who works for a company that sounds like Frump and they're looking for distressed properties and lo and behold I just happen to be the expert finder of distressed properties. At the same party, I saw a gentleman who I went to RE school with who has over 25 properties NOT on MLS that needs buyers.

Sorry for being long winded but I am very passionate about this, but my point throughout is that wherever you are, there are people who want to buy and have the resources to buy; they just need to find someone to help them. Be that person.

Go to the deals; don't expect the deals to come to you.


inspired in Ct.

I agree, we have to network. You never know what opportunity is coming our way. I think that is part of the passion I have for the business. Each day, we can wake up and anticipate a new opportunity. I also think that we need to take advice from Dean and the coach's. 90% of success starts with our mindset. We have to visualize ourselves successful to get there. I also think the marketing is critical to success and we have so many great resources for that in the books and on the site. No excuses for any of us. If we don't succeed it is because we CHOSE not to. I hope every one chooses success.


Good point! Networking is very important.


"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”
Napoleon Hill quote

keep it real

its so true if you dont network talk and meet peole just hang it up now and try something diferent id rather fail while trying than fail for not trying


Rafael Morel
M&N investment.