Hi there -

A year ago I came across Dean's advertisement and realized everything he was saying was what I wanted. My husband and I have always known that real estate is the way to go. He is from the world that everything costs money so he didn't believe this could happen. After being hit down over and over by the people I loved saying it wouldn't work I put the products and dreams of real estate away on the shelf.
2010 came around and I said "I CAN do this and I will show you". So picked my books and information back up and ordered the Probate Finder course through Dean.

This past weekend I sent out 121 different mailing pieces to different probate ads. Boy it was tiresome and exhilarating at the same time. I am slowly looking at hitting up some short-sale as well. GA is one of those states that gives you 30 days and you are in front of the courthouse steps..... not much time to work the owners??

If anyone else is starting out and in the Atlanta area would love to hear from you. I just feel great about finally "Taking Action" like Dean said. I KNOW that I CAN DO THIS!!