New Hampshire NH Anyone here?

New Hampshire NH Anyone here?

Hello. I bought two of Dean's books last July. I have been reading and re-reading both books and here in the forums. I think I am ready to start doing something. I am praying that I am one of the success stories this year. I am looking for someone who has worked in NH before and has some idea as to how things work up here. I have some basic questions that most people that I talk to do not want to answer, like if assignments can be used. I have identified several properties in my area, but I can not afford to lock one up and not be able to move it. I think I can get some of these extremely cheap, but I need someone to tell me that it is a good idea. Is there anyone here that has done business in NH that I can talk to?

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When I 1st started writing the assignment clause on the contracts thru my RE agent, she had this puzzled look on her face. I told her what it was about. Believe in your ability, not what someone else believes you cannot do.