Now What!

Now What!

Hello DG Family,
Promeric here again with a now what? I have the property finally under contract. I have put out ads on Craigslist and kijji like crazy and have many who want the address but so far nothing, now may be premature since it is mother's day and Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. So the questions is now what?
I am not sure where else to attract a buyer since i only have till june 7th...any ideas im open.


Area Cincinnati

House is worth 70-75k
Asking 55k

The repairs needed is only pipes in basement and
the removal of a detached garage about to fall down!

Thanks to all,


p.s. Go Indiana Joe Go!


Now What!

Google "We buy Houses" or "I buy Houses"


What about your local REI clubs? Local newspapers? Drive around the neighborhoods and locate "for rent" signs, maybe those landlords would be interested in another investment property. Did you get the emails of the people that called to send them interior pics?
Where are the hot areas of Cincy?