Partner in my area

Partner in my area

Hi. I'm new to investing and am looking forward and very excited to complete my first deal. I am looking for anyone in the Annapolis, Odenton, Crofton or surrounding areas in Maryland to partner with to get through my beginner's learning process. If anyone is interested please contact me and maybe we can create some wealth!



Send me PM if you want to start in Wholesaling. I live in Baltimore, MD. Blessings to all. LA


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need a patner

I need a partner in the albany, leesburg, americus, GA area. Lots of drive to succeed. Am also a new beginner and actively seeking new deals as we speak. May have one already! Someone please PM me or email blntnsteven@****. Looking forward working and learning from someone!


Steven Blanton

First Deal

Hi, I am working on my first deal also and looking to partner with some folks in the Phoenix, Arizona area. The diligence to the task is what is important. Time will be there if you don't give up!

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Partner Wanted and Needed


I'm new to the DG Family and am very exciting to get the ball rolling. I live in the Charlotte, NC area and am in search of a partner to help me during my first endeavors.

Thanks DG Family, You're the best.

Partner Wanted

If you need a real estate agent in the Huntington area, which is outside of Charlotte, I can refer you to one. He is my bother-in-law, has been in the business for several years and he is working with investors all the time so very familiar with the process.


looking for mentor

I am new to DG & have read thru material several times - I am still in the dark - feel like the older I get the dumber I get. My husband wants nothing to do with this - says we can't do it without some money in the bank. Looking to acquire single family homes in the Treasure Coast Florida area (Port St. Luice) to rent out - don't have money - need someone to help me get started. There are homes in the area but need someone to take my hand & walk me thru the first few deals in REO, Foreclosure, or owner selling. Can you PM me so we can discuss

Thank you

Thanks a bundle Jo

Thank you so much for your help, and speedy response. I would be happy to talk with him. If you will, please PM me with his contact info.

As always, you're the best DG Family!!!

I'm in Southern New Mexico and looking to make a DG friend

I'm new to the DG family, but not to real estate. I have 2 rental houses, a home, a cabin, and several acres of land. I grew up with real estate and I LOVE IT! My dad owned 26 rental houses while I was growing up and was always buying, flipping, or going to auctions. He taught me so much and I'm very handy. I'm motivated and have a lot of wanna. Would be just tickled to find a partner, mentor, or even just a friend to talk things over with. My partner is not really interested and my friends are sure I am wasting my time, so just like Dean, I know I am onto something! My area was not hit too hard by the real estate crash, but I think there are still lots of options here. Just send me a PM, look forward to talking to you.


Mystical Marti

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