I need Partner in NY,NJ,CT

I need Partner in NY,NJ,CT

I’m looking for partner to do wholesale deals and make money together.
Please contact me to discuss term and condition.



Hello! I'm a bird dog specialist. I am very diligent in looking for property for individuals like yourself. This is my main source of income, so trust me when I say that I take it very seriously.

I've done my homework and know exactly how to put together a together a presentation package on any home that i deliver to you.

I'm strictly professional and I always stand by my word. Please feel free to contact by email, or phone. I will obtain the information needed, and I will intensely work towards your main goal.

Looking for very serious investors to close on deals within 10 days or less!

Thank you for your time, I am looking forward to working with you.

You can contact me at: 1-800-895-9864

To Our Success,

presentation package

I like the sound of that. Can you tell me more or direct me to where I can learn more?
Lauri oursignatureproperties@****


" The only difference between me and successful people is they started before me."
by Shane

northeast ny

if you need anything in northeast ny in the adirondacks let me know!!


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