Getting a Business Name Registered

Getting a Business Name Registered

Hello everyone, I am 21 and live in CA, I am now jumping off the deep end and ready to start my career in Real Estate. My questions are:
1)What is the easiest and most inexpensive way to get a DBA name registered?
2)Is it absolutely necessary to get a business name before starting any deals?

Thank You ALL for any contribution, it really means a lot!

PS: If anyone is conducting business in the San Luis Obispo Area, Please contact me at: gregpalmer33@****


Gregory B Palmer

I dont think it is

I don't find it as "Needed" to start off, i did a few assignments with out it however the advantages of a LLC will protect you when you get more into it. If you are using the academy the second chapter goes over in great detail what different types of companies you can use such as corporate, LLC, or others.
Ether way i wouldn't hold off or delay a deal over a company, but i would start it up to protect your self in the future.

Hope that helps some.


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