Looking for Investors in Missouri

Looking for Investors in Missouri

Does anyone know of any Investors in Missouri? We are just starting in Real Estate and are very nervous. Any encouragement is appreciated.
Thanks, John & Barb


What are you looking for

Checking to see were you are at, How much tine have you spent. I did notice you said you were new. Have you read any of Deans books, Are a member of the success acamandy and if so do you use the coaches. Are you looking to buy and hold. Just need a little more info. Have a great day.




Me too!

I need some around the KC area! Have you ran any craigslist ads yet? I have a few buyers around the state. I would suggest REI clubs, even online ones are good for networking.



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Thanks a bunch

We live in St Robert MO., close to Fort Leonard Wood. We have read 2 of Dean's books, Profit from Real Estate Right Now and Be a Real Estate Millionaire. Wonderful books, packed full of knowledge. Have posted on Craigslist but with not much action. Not wanting to hold any homes at the moment, seems easier to fix and flip. Am I mistaking? I know we will make this work If we can get past the buyers list. We are very excited and get so much encouragement from reading all the comments. I have never seen such a show of everyone wanting everyone to suceed and help so much. Just started today reading about REI clubs.

Thanks so much
John & Barb

google REI clubs in your area

AND attend!!!! Best thing to be active and engaged!!

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