National Factors

National Factors

Hi all,

I'm new here just half way finish reading Dean's book "BE A REAL STATE MILLIONARE" I just wanted to make a suggestion, do you guys think it would help to post the national factors here in the forum? I think it would, because for someone starting like me or like many others it would be like a starting guide and also you would be able to use the inputs from here to compare to the ones you already have, like mines, you see i just started to pull information to try and figure out what the current national factors are but I'm not sure if i'm giving them the right symbol and I think it would help to get the experts advice. As for the local factors I know is going to be unique for everyone else.

Let me know what you guys think, I'm not looking for an easy way out, I just want to make sure that we are making the right decisions when it comes to finding out what the national factors are.


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