Has anyone bought anything the LA area

Has anyone bought anything the LA area

Is anyone able to afford anything here? Are there deals to be had in this area. I live in the Glendale/Burbank area. I saw someone on this board from the South Bay. What is the best way to get started in this geographic area?

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La Area


don't live exactly in LA but within los angeles county between lancaster and palmdale. I'm also just getting started after reading deans first book I have opened my eyes up a little more. I'm sure there are deals out there, I'm currently in the process of building my buyers list, my plan is to work on a few bird dog style deals just to get started and go from there.

LA Area

Good evening Phillip REI&Farscapeprincess,

Are you still looking for deals. Are you an investor, do you own, rent properties already?

I own/manage properties out of state but am looking to get back in the game in the LA County area. I live in the San Fernando Valley. The Valley prices are getting better, but cash flow is still tight unless you have 20% down in my humble opinion. I don't have the credit or cash to rehab in the valley yet. I am looking specifically in the Palmdale/Lancaster area as it seems that you can rehab and resell via FHA or rehab and hold with decent cashflows/////////FINALLY! IN california!

Let me know what you are up to. I have access to the MLS as I am a licensed broker.


I am in LAncaster/Palmdale area. Anyone interested in picking up some things here or getting into this market please contact me and let me know. I am host an investors meeting in Jne and you are all welcome. Please click on links for more info or to RSVP

TO RSVP http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=8283919762#/event.php?eid=87549632...

TO JOIN GROUP http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=8283919762#/pages/Lancaster-CA/SoC...



Please try to make it we will be discussing some very interesing topics and its a great way for you to network with other like minded investor, realtors, mortgage brokers, etc.



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