5 Markets Expected to Fare Best in 2010

5 Markets Expected to Fare Best in 2010

5 Cities Where Homes Aren't Selling

In this article found at http://realestate.****/promo/5-cities-where-homes-arent-selling.html 5 cities are identified as places where homes are not selling. "It's no secret that the favor of the housing market has shifted away from sellers and into the arms of buyers. With this shift, the U.S. map has been broken down in yet another economic manner--by housing conditions."

Several factors can be used to examine how good or bad a market is for selling a house. Several large cities were examined based on days on market and property value growth (or decline).

In short, these cities are: Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tampa, Detroit, and Miami.

Great Information

Thanks for sharing. We could see an increase in sales in the first half of this year, around the closing of the tax credit. Lets take advantage. God Bless.



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Thanks George

Thanks for sharing the info.


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Thanx again Guys, for your replies

Thanx again Guys, for your replies. i think that in order to prevail from this link due dilengence is in order to apply the right strategies



Down Markets

Great list! Keep in mind that these lists surface multiple times during the year from a variety of sources. The good thing is, no matter what list your city is on, whether the top growth cities or the fastest depreciating, there is a strategy that will work for you in your market. We always just need to know where we stand. These lists help us to do that and keep us appraised as to the current situation.

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