Motivated Sellers??

Motivated Sellers??

Ok, so I have developed a great network of investors but I'm struggling to find sellers and deals. I've done some posting on Craigslist, Backpage, etc. and received a handful of calls, but nothing that makes sense to put under contract.

Are bandit signs the way to go? I really don't want to get fined... I'm just stumped on the best way to find good deals without spending a fortune in marketing.


bandit signs

Bandit signs definitely do work for some people. And those people swear by them. I have never actually heard of anyone getting fined. (THough I have heard anecdotal stories of people calling up offended by the signs. Too much time I guess.)

bandit signs/and finding deals

I did hear of an Investor that got fined and she said every area has different rules.
I also would like to know the fastest way to weed through the MLS to find what properties I'm putting offers on.Any suggestions on what methods work best.


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Filtering through the MLS

My option which I formed through reading a multitude of threads on this site and talking to my growing circle of Real Estate involved individual is: That you will find more profitable deals that will be attractive to your down line of investors by using other sources than the MLS. For example: finding properties that may need attention(absentee owners), calling rental adds(not everyone wants to keep renting), networking with the people in your community(everyone knows someone and they may be the one). Possible ways to find buyers are only limited by your imagination.

I look thru the MLS by using several realtors web sites and receive email updates continuously. Just plug in the area, type off property etcetera and the information will come. The information also goes to everyone else most likely including your down line of investors. I'm not saying don't use the MLS because I'll still look, but I think you could do better by using other methods to find your deals.

That's what I think and I am currently trying to prove my option correct.

To success for everyone

PS. CBRpower has some great stuff.Paraphrased" your investors are whats inportant when concerning requirements for a deal. Their requirments are yours if you want to do the deal." Hope I got that right! Close I'm sure.

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