What to do?

What to do?

Got a quick question for ya. I've placed ads on CL for the last week and finally had a hit last night. They emailed me and said they have buyers waiting in CA and they wanted a list of the props I have with some info on each one. Being a newb I actually don't have any properties yet.

My question is should I just reply and tell the truth that I don't have any but I can find you some or should I reply and ask them what kind of properties they are looking for?

Thanks for the help.




I am a newbie and I have had that happen to me when placing CL ads. I told them that I am working on a few deals right now and as soon as I have access to them I'll email them the information. I would also ask them what specific types of property do they invest in? Get their investing criteria.

A great way to make money

Is to get some investors and start finding them properties that meet their criteria and get a finder’s fee.
So a finder’s fee deal is simply a potential deal that is referred to an investor who then tries to contract and close on the property. If successful, the referring party (finder) would receive the finder’s fee at closing. A finder’s fee agreement is filled out and signed by both parties in advance of the finder giving any details regarding the potential deals.

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