Selling Under Difficult Circumstances?

Selling Under Difficult Circumstances?

When a person needs to market a home it may not be under happy circumstances. It may be forced sale due to death in a family, illness, divorce, financial problems, sudden job loss, etc. Sometimes the real estate market itself can be the problem requiring a person to sell their home in the shortest amount of time.

A buyer my realize that they have a unique position in the market and are unwilling budge off their offer. As a person admits theirs is a distress sale, the marketing of the property may be difficult at least.


Don't let the buyer be aware you are under pressure to sell. Take the emotion out of selling the home by having a realtor market the property. That professional will be able to focus on the marketing for best price in time alotted.

KEEP YOUR ATTITUDE UPBEAT to buyers, sellers, and agents.

TRY NOT TO MARKET A VACANT HOME (Use rental furniture if possible).


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Dealing with a seller/buyer

In short, always be courteous, reasonable, and truthful. If you do, the buyer/seller will soon see that you are someone who he or she can work with and who can be counted upon. And will want to deal with you. If you don’t, you’ll find that distrust sours every buyer or seller with whom you deal with. Remember, if you try to hide something or lie, little inconsistencies will do you in. Buyers and sellers are naturally suspicious, are looking for those inconsistencies. Honesty is the key to establishing a relationship with the buyer/seller. They don’t have to like you (although that does help), but they must respect you if the two of you are to conclude a successful real estate deal.