Profit From Real Estate Right Now...2 Questions Please

Profit From Real Estate Right Now...2 Questions Please


Question #1:
On Page 77 of RIGHT NOW...Dean shows a sample "Stop Foreclosure Information Line" script. He also suggests modifying and tweaking as necessary; therefore we were wondering if that particular script should mention our new President's plan for those facing foreclosure.

Question#2: On Page 82, he recommends a service for a voice mail box; however, the link appears to roll over to another company offering the same service.
What services do you guys use for a voice mail box???




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For the first question, I am

For the first question, I am just using the scrpts almost verbatim. I haven't yet put my ads out there, though, so after I do, I'll post how that's working!

For the second question - I just used the COA service that DG had in the book. I LOVE them! The service texts me and emails me every time I get a call to the 800# (so far they've just been hangup wrong numbers though!) and it is awesome. I can't wait for when it's fully operational, and my little cell phone buzzes each time someone wants to buy or sell with me, LOL! THAT will be cool!



Thanks Tracey!!! Ron Denver

Thanks Tracey!!!



"I'm discovering the best way to predict our future is to create it!"

COA Recorded Message service

I was looking into this service and for the $29.95 a month we get one phone number for the recorded message, does this include multiple messages we could record. Or is it one phone for only one message. Does the service give callers an option to choose which message to listen to? Like Press 1 if you are a Seller, Press 2 if you are an investor/buyer?

Before I get the service your help would be appreciated.


i just got COA

i got COA, and this is how its set up:

you set up your greeting (which i have not yet) which is what callers will listen to when they call your phone number (unless you pay extra for an 800 number, you will be randomly assigned an 8-something-something number, like i got randomly assigned an 888 number). after the greeting, callers may leave a message. if you dont set up a greeting, it will ask the caller if he/she is the owner of the number, and if so, it will ask the caller to enter their password (which is actually a pass number) and to set up the greeting. if the caller is not the owner of the number, it will go straight to the message machine.

included in your $30/mo phone number are multiple extensions you can set up. i've set up two, and im not sure how many you can set up. i've heard that with this deal you can set up up to 10 extensions.

there are a variety of ways you can set up an extension. you upload or record another greeting for the specific extension, and then, however it is set up, the caller can leave a message, place an order, or get in contact with you directly, etc.

you can set the extension number to be anything between 1 and 9999, and callers punch in the extension they want during your initial greeting. however, callers will not know what to punch in for the extension they want unless you talk about your extensions in your initial greeting.

i am looking for other phone numbers with this kind of system set up by DG people so that i can get more ideas about what to say in my initial greeting and stuff. i've set up two extensions at (888) 226-0537, but dont have a greeting, but my sellers/foreclosure info line extension is 1 and my investor/buyers extension is 9. so my phone system is almost ready enough, and then i hope to put my phone numbers on business cards and other advertising, and to start my buyers list.

does anyone else have this set up? can i get numbers to hear how you did it?



question number one I don't know the answer.

question two. I went to and yes it redirected to I called them and the recording says if I want to subscribe to any coa network service or product, please press 2 etc.... it sounds like it is the same company just a different website. is also an option.

good luck and happy investing


how much it cost to set

how much it cost to set something like that up


Im new to this business and is looking for someone in merced to make a group or partner and was wondering if there was any chance that maybe i could learn from you or your contact??? Well thanks and please let me know.


Super cheap!

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