Uh-Oh it's starting!!

Uh-Oh it's starting!!

Well I got my first email tonight from a home owner wanting to sell his house to an investor. It's in a great neighborhood. He's selling because of health issues. He got my info from CL.

I'm still unsure what to write back to him because I still don't have a very good buyers list. AAAGGGHH.

Wish me luck.




Remember you can run a lease/option----Sandwich.Get the info!


Good luck, Josh. You're

Good luck, Josh. You're gonna do fine. Just take a deep breath, and do what you've been gearing up for. Smiling Congratulations!



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Well, I got some info by way

Well, I got some info by way of email tonight.

built in 2002 for $205000
says he wants to make $5000.
1850sqft 3bd/2.5bath
zillow and others says its worth about $250000/260000
doing some research, looks like the 1st mortgage was for $110k
he says it needs some work on the inside depending what someone picks? 10-15k
not sure what that means.
He says he's open, but he doesn't want to move until june.

Besides leasing does anyone else have any ideas?

There doesn't seem to be too much equity for a wholesale. It'll have to be a lease or a straight up retail sale I guess.
If I lock it up for an assignment, The bright spot would be I have a couple of months to find someone to buy it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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