Business cards

Business cards

Remember you are creating a mini billboard. In fact before you start designing your business card drive around and look at billboards and see what gets your attention
• Color: See what catches your eye see what color against other colors catch you attention quickly. What did they use for background? What did they use for the lettering?
• Headline: The one line that will grab attention and keep them reading.
• Message: What can you do for someone?
• Texture: Either a matt finish or a slick shiny finish
• Front Side and Back side use both sides of the card


Both sides of the card

Do you see a problem with using one side for the sellers and the other for the buyers? I'd really like to be able to knock two out with one shot (aka..budget)

- Tommy

Why not?

I don't see a problem with it. One person I read used a 4x6 card and used the top half for sellers and the bottom half for buyers. I don't see why it shouldn't work for business cards. Just make sure that both sides has your contact info. Good Luck! Smiling

Another great website that I like to buy my marketing materials is I've used them serveral times and when I bought my business cards (from another venture), they came out pro. I designed the card and I ordered them one sided and glossy. They still have the same special for 5000 business cards for under $40-50. Double sided and other features are extra but you should check them out if you're on a tight budget. I think they mail all over the US. Hope this helps. Smiling


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Good Idea

Tommy, sounds like an excellent idea. I don't see why it shouldn't work? Just like R.E.Budda said, make sure both sides has your contact info. It will make it look more like two business cards in one.

Aris A.

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