Marketing Consultant vs. Real Estate Agent

Marketing Consultant vs. Real Estate Agent

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I'm really not sure where to post this thread ... this just seemed to be the most logical place. However, if it's not, please advise and direct me appropriately.

In Dean's newest book, "Profit from Real Estate Right Now!", he mentions a technique in Chapter 11 using auctions as a quick way to sell a property.

He suggests that there are two ways that one might use this technique, one to sell a property that you've locked up, another is to offer your services to a FSBO Seller as a "Marketing Consultant".

Now when I saw this, I immediately got excited, because it seems like a fairly easy way (being the administrative/organizational type that I am) ... to quickly get into real estate - while building the necessary resources to get involved in the other techniques.

My only question/concern is what really differentiates a "Marketing Consultant" from a licensed Real Estate Agent. I would hate to be accused of practicing real estate without a license.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



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My understanding of this is

My understanding of this is that you cannot receive a commission based on the sale of the home. However you could have a marketing agreement where they pay you a fixed amount of money if it sells. I am pretty sure it is only an issue if it is a commission. Good luck!

A good real estate agent can

A good real estate agent can make or break your deal. Do you know the difference between Realtors and real estate agents? Which type of real estate agency is best for you? Which listing agreement is most often used? Do you need to sign a buyers broker agreement? How are real estate agents paid and who pays them? Find out before you start shopping for a home. I actually used to do VERY well, as a real estate agent, but because things were slow I turned my second home into a rental property and have since had a few sets of tenants now sign rental agreements.Anyway just a thought, for real estate agents struggling to make ends meet.

Florida Closing Cost

Starting cost

I was wondering what the starting cost to get into Real Estate. Like business cards, filing cabinets, ads, forms, etc. Can anyone give me an estimated cost?

Newly licensed realtor after investing for about 10 years

I never really realized all the laws involved in real estate and have sort of gained a little more respect for the profession (good thing because I just entered it in Ohio and Florida) although I will agree many agents are lazy and don't get it.

However, you have to be careful..especially if a bored realtor learns of your activities and reports you. Selling real estate for a fee (not just commission FEE) without a license is a 3rd degree felony. It is taken very seriously and I understand why a little bit more now that I have obtained the education for licensure. It all boils down to consumer protection.



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So what should we do in these situations such as assignments. Washington state is the same I am learning. I haven't figured out the verbage to use so that the lender or title doesn't have an issues with it. If I assign a property they don't want me to use finders fee either? Do you think the Marketing Consultant is a way to go? The same with being in the middle of a lease option I have the seller on one end that I have a lease option contract with and then I sell to a tenant buyer. How do I structure that so I can get paid. Ideas anyone


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I also was thinking about doing this marketing consultant gig

for a couple of fsbo's that I have seen in the neighborhood for a long time. I think I could use this strategy on at least 3 houses right now.
Not sure if it is ok to do it here in ohio. has anyone else in ohio tried this with success?


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You aren't selling the property, the owner is

The way that I see the marketing consultant issue is that you aren't selling the property, the owner is selling the property. All that you are doing is providing advise to the owner on how they can sell their property through the auction process and then getting paid for providing information.

Great Idea

When I read the book, I must have been so excited I overlooked this technique. This would definitely be worth doing a little more research on.


Hi Kate,

I am an investor in Washington state. I wanted to ask you why you decided to get your realtor license? I have been contimplating this for months now. the reason why I haven't is I am fearful of what it may limit me to as an investor. What draw backs have you came up against or that you can see would be an issue. thank you in advance


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