Travel a lot, Invest in other areas?

Travel a lot, Invest in other areas?

Here is the question I've asked my Realtor (worded differently). I'm asking here to see if anyone has had experience with it.

Here is my situation, I travel a lot with my job. In fact I'm only home on Friday to Monday, every other week. For each job I generally stay in one area for months at a time. I'm interested in doing IEE type deals to investors and individuals using the same methods I am back home. (Love the multiple extensions on the 1-800 number!)

Can my Realtor efficiently search, make offers on, etc. properties in other cities throughout the country including but not limited to REO's and preforeclosures. Or would it be better to find an agent located in the area in question? The mortgage broker for that area would obviously have to be local. My thinking was it would be best to have everyone in the same area for the sake of paperwork and meeting face to face.

Also would there be any tax issues anyone can think of off the top of there head that would come into play when doing these types of deals outside of your state of residence? I'm going to look into it further but any ideas or directions I could get from here would help speed the process. I like speedy processes! Smiling

Thanks a million!