what's the point - of finding a realtor/agent to help you? i just don't see it...??

what's the point - of finding a realtor/agent to help you? i just don't see it...??

hey all - new to the site Smiling
- and new to real estate investing...

i'm eager to start this venture, & i plan to start by doing ASSIGNMENTS - since basically i have no other choice right now.. lol

but here's where i'm confused, i keep reading & seeing how you should "find your own realtor/agent to help you find great deals" but i just don't understand this concept?

if an agent or realtor can find so many great deals, why then would they need me?? if they have motivated buyers, and they can find great deals on their own, again, why would they need me?? why not just complete the deals themselves? make any sense? i've read dean's book twice & still do not understand this concept... what don't i see here?

the only thing i can think of if you were to find an agent to help you is...you either:

1. should do this when you can actually be a true investor yourself (with financial buying power yourself) or...
2. already have an established list of "buyers" to bring to the table so that when this agent does find you these great deals, you can then "lock them up" & assign... (to your list of buyers)

other than that scenerio, i just don't see the role of the agent in helping? - because for some reason it has come across to me that the agent also plays a role in helping you to find buyers... so it just doesn't add up for me??

using "matt's story" as an example: i don't see how matt's 25:1 strategy fits the assignment category?? when he gets his one accepted offer out of the 25 offers his agent submits (finds), does his agent then help him to find a buyer too? - so he can then assign this property? why would she even need him then?? why not just do the deal herself? (unless matt is coming to the table with a buyers list himself) - which the story does not say (i read it 3x and it comes across like the agent basically just does everything, & he just rakes in the cash...) - or is he actually buying these homes himself..? which then if he is it proves what i am saying: WITH ASSIGNMENT - how does an agent actually help you? i'm thinking that the only way they can, is if you come to the table with buying power...

- if I don't have buying power or leverage whether it be myself or motivated buyers lined up, why then would an agent need (me)?

some clarity on this would be great - thanks!


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Hello! From my experience, and I am new to this for about a month, I have read the books, and joined the academy and the information from both in my oponion is pricless!! The information I have learned is unbeleiveable!!!

In regards to the RE agent, it took me some time to find a RE agent who is willing to work with a new investor, but I finally found one and she is great because at one time she was an investor her self.

I can LEVERAGE her time to where she can find properties that fit my requirements, because she has more info at her fingertips than I do.

In regards to the ASSIGNMENTS, I have put together a BUYERS list before I look for properties that way once an offer is accepted I can try to assign that contract to another investor on my buyers list.

I have yet to have an offer accepted, but I am confident I will very soon.

The main point in MY OPONION is to leverage my RE agents time.

Hope this was helpful and good luck to you!!


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I Forgot one thing LOL

In regards to the 25:1 rule, that is just that law of averages. of corse, it could be higher. Also out of the 25 RE agents I have talked to in the past not one know what an assignment was!


What doesn't kill me,,makes me stronger!


Hey, first welcome to the DG family. Good to have you here.

The problem realtors are facing right now IS a lack of buyers. They have more properties for SALE than they know what to do with. You're right, if they had a ton of buyers they may not be so willing to work with investors. But that is where it's a win/win for everyone. WE use THEIR skills and connections to find motivated sellers (and props). We use OUR skills and connections to create a GREAT deal and bring the buyers. In each deal the realtor makes their commission (from the seller), and we make our even better assignment fee (or profit off a double-close).
Like andrewouellette said, sometimes it takes awhile to find a great agent, but it is definitely worth it Smiling
Hope that helps.



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I am having such a hard time finding a rea who is willing to work with me down that is frustruating. If there's no cash then theres no work, after being verbaly abused by one he had the audacity to ask if i had cash to buy properties i said yes ( not really, other investors) after that he cooled down and said he would keep me posted if he finds any good deals.

my boyfriend is taking his RE 101 and RE 102 to get his license this summer so I hope we can make this deals and really not have to worry about finding one, i am tempted to do the classes myself.


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I am getting my license

I have taken the 2 classes already, I am just waitiing to be scheduled to take the state and national exam. That way I can act as my own agent and still serve others and I can seek to help investors. Especially people in our postions. Problem in finding a good agent is that alot of them don't understand how investors work. For me I don't have the time to educate anyone. I met with a few agents they dont get. But I seeking out to help and work with investors and to obviously search and find my own deals. So I am using getting my license as a learning tool and to my benefit. I most importantly don't have to depend on another agent. But I can still use other agents if I choose to. Which in some cases I may do so.


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www.jussinvestors.com (buyers site)

Vince27 - One Other Thought

As investors we work with houses that often need a fair share of work. By either connecting the seller of one of these with an investor/buyer through the realtor, or buying it ourselves and fixing it to resell - we help the realtors move properties that otherwise are not appealing to regular home buyers.

i am having trouble find a good one

I have 1 agent who said he would sort of help. He sent some listings but he is hard to get a hold and when I called him to leave him a voice mail he called back 3 days later. Last week I sent out a bunch of letters to all the brokers in my area , at least 12 letters were sent. I used Matt's script from Dean's new book . I would think that would bring results but no one broker responded. They either get these letters all the time or they just hate investors. It is definitely not as easy as it sounds when reading the book. Just have to keep plugging away, what other choice do I have.




Its those little steps

that get us to success. You're right - just keep plugging away and moving on to the next when one doesnt work out. It takes alot of determination and focus to get things rolling with the right people - but once you find them then it really kicks up a notch so dont despair! When you do find the right one it will be worth it! Just like Matts 25:1 ration for offers - finding the right people for your team is also all in the numbers. So keep searching and in the meantime keep searching your properties. When you call the agent to discuss a property they have listed have a discussion with them about your goals. Thats how I met mine.

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Hello, I'm a newbie and this is my first post, hope I get it right. I can relate to the comments about RE Agents. The agents that I have contacted have been very rude and arrogant, especially when asked to make a low offer or do an assignment. They say this is illegal and it's not aloud in my state (NJ), of course you have to explain the process because most don't have a clue.

You still need a RE Agents not only to buy & sell but to keep you posted on what's going on in your market also they have access to info most of us cannot get, such as: How many days a property has been on the market or if a hot deal just hit the market, etc.

Finding a good realtor is a hard task, like looking for a needle in a haystack, but keep looking until you find the right one. As for the people who are going to get their RE license (I give you a Tony the Tiger Grrreat!!!), not only will it help you but when someone like myself calls you, can imagine the possibilities.

kingjuss are you in pa? lol

I am going to go to REI club meetings this monthy hopefully I will find agents there. I need an appraiser but really dont have the money to pay $300 to $600 on one, i need to know the value of a property i am looking at but there no comps because its so unique! i dont know what to do.


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ivanessa89 yes

Yes I am in P.A. Where are you located. I am acutally trying to schedule now to take the state exam now. Looks like it wont be till the end of the month. Thats the only date available that I can take it on a Saturday. Hopefully I will e able to take it sooner.


I got my mind made up.....

www.jussinvestors.com (buyers site)

great kingjuss

tell me how it goes, do you know what are the req to become an appraiser? I actually will like to learn about home staging myself, since it will help sell homes faster.


>>>>NEVER give up, and know that the SKY is the LIMIT. We are OURSELVES worst enemy<<<