First Post :) Question about business cards

First Post :) Question about business cards

My wife and I recently joined the success team and have been very impressed with the whole thing. We are also very impressed with this community and the helping hand everyone is willing to give. It is truly awesome! Here is what we have done so far.

We are waiting on the paperwork to get back from the Secretary of State regarding our LLC.

I have found a Realtor that knows what I am planning to do and is willing to make as many offers as possible until something sticks. She wants to make money and so do we.

I also just got finish building our website last night. I know that ugly brown color under site navigation doesnt match but I havent had a chance to change it yet Smiling We are also in the process of recording our scripts for the 1800 number.

My question for everyone is business cards. How many different types of business cards do I make? One for buyers (retail and investor), one for preforeclosures, one for motivated sellers (need to sell fast), etc. Should I include company logo and such like traditional business cards?

I look forward in becoming an active member in this community and sharing my experiences with everyone else. Thanks!


Carpe Diem!

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