National We Buy Home Sites

National We Buy Home Sites

Has anyone tried to market a property by assignment or double closing to one of the national We Buy Home Sites? If so, what type of success did you have?

I noticed that when I googled "We Buy Homes" I had at least three sites that advertised themselves as being investors and buying homes.

Could this be another way to sell our properties?


This would interest me too

This would interest me too since I'm a newbie and am trying to bild up my buyers list. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Good luck with your investings

HAve a blessed day


Call Them!

Call them and let us know what you find out!

They might have a "catch"/angle or simply be looking for real good deals, in which case I would guess they would be a viable buyer.

We had these signs all over during the boom, but since they have mostly gone away so I haven't thought much about them.

For sure call them and find out is they are just looking for deals or if there is some type of gimmick they try and pull and let us know and maybe we can take it a step further. Knowing what type of % discount from FMV they look for would be good to know.

PS- When talking to them, act like you are a big time investor who finds deals for other big buyers. Make them want to deal with you and feel like they are lucky you called them. If they feel like they are wasting their time you probably won't get anywhere. If they start putting you to task or testing you tell them you are in your car pulling up to a closing so you have to go but you will call back after, get your ducks/knowledge in a row, then call back and wow them!

Thank you

Thank you so much for the tip. I'm going to give it a try.
Should I have a property already lined up or should I try to find out what types of properties they buy first?

God bless you

We buy houses Ads

I have actually contacted a few by email, but so far I have not had any luck. Anyway I am still trying. Much success to you.


Think and Grow Rich

Keep trying. I have made

Keep trying. I have made connections by doing that and going to the local REI club. I now have a meeting with a woman that buys apt buildings. After a brief conversation about what i want to do she said she was interested in backing me with money for some flips. I will also work on her backing me for hold properties also. I have to meet her in her office on Monday. Never give up! If you really give it 100% you will succeed.

Keep Trying

Hi B.C.,

I also have researched the local real estate clubs. Found one that's being held about 45 minutes away. There is only a small cover charge. Excited about meeting other people in this business. I keep trying! I like that. 3 powerful words. Thanks for the input. Continued success to you ..........Lubertha



I have contacted so many of

I have contacted so many of these sites and I haven't heard back from any of them. I called and left messages and I emailed them.
So far I have 2 on my buyer's list but they don't seem very good.
one of them wants properties for 40% of the FMV and the other one is a wholesaler himself.
Right now I'm pretty down since I've been trying to build up my buyers list for weeks now and i'm still not going anywhere.




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