finding buyers...???

finding buyers...???

im about to go crazy trying to get into my first seems that all the buyers/investors have relationships here in central florida with people who have been in the buisness 20+ years or so...for a new guy like myself it frustrating, ive placed ads on craigslist and, backpage .com and have had no results or calls for people interested in finding deals, ok here is the funny part...i actually have a bunch of deals ready to go at steal prices! biggest obstical seems to be just getting buyers to call me to see what i have for them...any help on this?



i feel your pain. i have tried to get started, but have run into so many roadblocks with an overabundance of people advertising in places i would like to. craigslist is overloaded with ads, and so are the local papers, and i am worried i won't stand out.

i don't have any answers for you, so i'm sorry for that, but i wanted to drop a line to say i feel for you and am offering some moral support. it will work for you, and someone else will bring you the answers...

peace and love


Congratulations for taking action. The roadblock of finders buyers may take a little more work. You may want to try advertising in local grocery stores like Publix or Albertson's. You may also be able to advertise in restaurants or on local posting boards or windows or even a local gas station.

Look into investment clubs in Central Florida and arrive early to meet other investors. Look at recent sales of HUD homes, REO homes, foreclosures, etc in your area and look on-line in what ever county you may be in such as Orange or Osceola to look up whom bought these homes, they could be potential buyers.

Also, contact landlords that have "For Rent" signs in your area and inquire what type of properties they are looking for. Also, refer back to Dean's books for even more great ideas and listen to the conference call replay from 06-18-09 to discover how to build your buyer's list. I hope this helps. Good luck with all your real estate deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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I am having the same problems ..........

Craigslist is OVERLOADED !! lol !! Guess I will try to call some of the FOR RENT signs around the area......

Good luck to everyone !!


I understand what you are saying about creating a buyers list. We got a couple through Craigs list. At my husband's suggestion I went to our local on-line newspaper and went through the rental properties that were listed by private owners in our town - not real estate agents and found about 30. I called them leaving voice mail messages telling them that we buy and sell homes. When a live person 'answered' the phone I almost fell off my chair and was 'almost' at a loss of words. I fumbled through my first conversation amazed that he was asking questions. He said he now has 6 rentals (he bought foreclosures) and is not looking for anymore he did ask me to e-mail him with info about what we do. It's a start. Reached another live person - he wasn't able to talk but said he would call back. If I don't hear from him I'll call him back. I'm going through the on-line newspaper again - this time for a nearby town and will do all the surrounding towns.

Keep the faith.

We are on the SE coast of FL.


thank you

thank you everyone for the suggestions,had not thought of a few of the way their is a new site called that looks to be good for buyers its very easy to use and a society like here,all i need is my first deal and im joining deans success academy pronto.

8 ways to build a buyer list

1. Go to a local real estate club and ask people for the properties they're interested in

2. Go to a public auction and ask people for the properties they're interested in

3. Ask a renter for the properties he's interested in

4. Look for the "I buy houses" ads in the newspaper

5. Go to craigslist, backpage or any other websites that have ads

6. Look for the "we buy houses" street signs and give them a call

7. Call every hard money lender you know. Ask them who currently has money and is looking for properties. Incentivize them by telling them you will direct the hard money loan back their way. They may not want to release the information but they can find out what they are looking for on your behalf.

8. Marketing by passing out business cards in places like grocery stores, birthing centers of hospitals, and wedding shops. Wherever people are going through life changes. Or marketing by placing an ad like this in your local newspaper:

I sell homes at 40% off todays already low prices! Call me if you're ready to make money!


Here's a few things you would want to know from the buyers to build a quality buyers list:

• Email address
• Company Name
• First and Last Name
• Company Address
• Preferred Phone
• Fax Number
• Type of property they are interested in: Single Family, Multi-Family, Commercial
• Approximately how much capital are they working with?
• Are they interested in loaning money on mortgages?
• What level of Rehab are they comfortable with?
• How many transactions have they completed in their career?
• How often do they buy property?
• What's their price range and profit margin they expect?
• How much equity they're looking for?


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ok i have to admit im

ok i have to admit im getting excited at the prospect of all this! putting the plan in action and ill keep everyone informed of my progress, if i can do this anyone can.


Thanks for the post referring to I didn't know about it and I have been looking around the site today. I found someone in a similar position to you who is also in Florida and is advertising for investors for his properties. I thought you might like to check out his ad. (He is advertising in the NY area btw, so he is being creative in looking for buyers too!)

MORE IMPORTANTLY THOUGH, maybe you can call him yourself and see if any of the investors who contact him are looking to invest in other parts of Florida too. Most investors do not limit themselves to just one area.
(Maybe you could offer him a referral fee if he gives you a name and you make a deal with that person)

Anyway here is the link to the ad. check it out.


If you already have deals

If you already have deals that are well below todays already low prices and you have them locked up them market them!!!! Investors and buyers will come to you! Or if you don't have a house locked up take a picture of your own house or a friends and market it forsale at a really low price!! Then when an investor calls you asking about the house just say I'm really sorry but I just sold that house. But what kind of properties are you looking for b/c I have a few more (or I am always finding killer deals) i can send your way. And then get all of there contact info!!

Hope this works,

thanks for info..........

All 8 ways listed are great avenues for seeking buyers and investors. I will definitely start perusing those items listed ...

Thanks again for the info.

Finding Buyers

I can understand your frustion. I am having the same trouble with sellers. But as far as buyers are concerned, try putting flyers at local health clubs, try call local investment clubs. I called my local investment clubs and had a guy tell me that if I bring in deals of 30% below fmv that he will at least look at the deals. Also put out flyers at the local golf couse club house's, you can also leave a few of your business cards at these locations. You can find your local investment clubs listed on the interner goggle them for your aera. Hope this helps. Good luck!!!


Deal a minute

My local investment club opens up the general assembly meeting (investors and potential investors)with deal a minute. you put your deal on a projector and they let you present it to the room. Anyone can present a deal and they allow some questions. They also allow members to set up stations that show case their deals. Some clubs also have a members list (plenty of potential buyers).

This idea is good but there may be an issue..

I love this idea but just brace yourself if someone wants to know the address to the home. I have done this same thing in the past with one of my own homes ( it's currently vacant in OHIO) but I am in the market for NY and advertise in NY. Buyers always say "can I have the address to that house I saw in the add?" I just say sure but it's an out of state address. It's (then I tell them the address..) I follow up by saying, I do have houses in the local area though, where are you intending to buy? Get their criteria and this will supply you with ample information to match their criteria with what you should look for. Always follow up with them when you say you will ( even if you don't find or have a house for them at that particular time)


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Buyers list

Thank you for taking the time out to type all of these great pointers! Continued success..........Lubertha




and remember to add a catagory of whether the property is a good candidate for lease/option or rent-to-own, that opens the door for renters with a lil downpayment money, but a low FICO.

Just a thought... You sure

Just a thought... You sure it's a buyers market atm??? I know it's Florida and I don't know anything about the current market over there but if you know for sure it's a buyers market keep goin, if not look for tenants.

Also think a little different about your advertising... Order postcards and mail them to the whole city lmao! Yea I know sounds a little cheesed but I believe you can get a mailing list at your local post office (verify??) and you can either do it yourself by hand or get it done for you when you order the postcards.

If you use they are free, just have to pay for shipping, and if you choose, for the mailing list. Just a thought. Everyone pretty much gave you solid ideas for buyers.

I like placing ads with business cards holders in the ma and pop stores where I'm at... Giant Eagle and Friedmans, you'd be surprise if you check on them how many tabs/cards are tooken.


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Good stuff!

Good stuff!

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