got my first buyer on my buyers list

got my first buyer on my buyers list

So, this is my start I called an add on craigs list this morning just someone saying they stop foreclosure. The person called me back and said he is an investor and I told him I would be interested in birdogging or dealing . its only a buyer prospect, but it happened when I didn't intend it to.



Congratulations on the good news. Keep up the good work and keep building that list. Good luck on all your future deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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That is awesome . Remember every little step taken , moves you toward success..

Good Job

Congrats on getting that buyers are on your way!

Good luck.

3 potential buyers

I have three potential buyers on my list. They are looking for houses/condos/townhouse anywhere between 100,000 to 250,000. One of my buyers has $45,000 as a downpayment. She is looking for a house in the boca raton area and wants to buy a house asap! What steps should i take first with this buyer. Im not familiar with the boca area...any suggestions in the quickest way to find a motivated seller for this anxious buyer?




May the numbers continue to grow! Much success..............Lubertha



found my 2nd buyer

I found my 2nd buyer on my buyers list. I just called another investor on craigslist and he said he belongs to the local real estate club where I live and wants to introduce me to other buyers next week at the meeting. This is what Dean talks about in his book about joining a real estate investing club to build a buyers list.


Hi buffs28,
A perfect example of...Learning the text and then taking action!!! I found a ad in the local newspaper of a REI club/group.It says guest have to pay $20,My radar tells me it could be someone taking advantage.This is my blind faith chance too take the action and be able to call myself...Invester.
buffs28 thank-you for your comment!
And i will add,from what i have read from this site...REI groups work very well in building our buyers lists,Not to say...I BUY HOUSES or HOUSE FOR RENT signs give the phone # to buyers.


Invest in yourself!

Great start

Well it is good that you are laying the foundation to a great future. Best of luck.



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Great work on building your buyers list. And yes, a RE Club is a great way to network, find buyers, and maybe even a good hml. Keep on doing what you're doing. Good work!



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i told him that i am starting out as a birdogger

Ok so i told this 2nd buyer that i'm starting out as a birdogger. He is going to introduce me to the buyers as I said. I read Anita's post about how to get paid birdogging. She talked about getting paid (or whatever you negotiate with the buyer) at closing. This kind of sounds similiar to the IEE unless i'm understanding wrong. She also talked about a 2nd strategy. I am just interested in finding sellers and getting them to buyers for a fee. The other thing is that i need to make sure that this is legal in my state which i'm going to get legal advice first. I read the person's post on anita's blog that said she found from an investor in Texas that said referral fees are illegal. My question is if they are legal, what kind of contract should i use? I understand Anita's advice about having them sign a disclosure that they won't go behind your back and steal the deal. Thanks everyone