buyers list

buyers list

i have a few ideas to start building my buyers list after talking to an agent he pretty much told me to not waist my time right now on investing, but i know where to come to get the right people to get advice from this sit.

ok team i have read through deans books and I wanted to know what are the most effect strategies you have or continue to use to build your buyers list.

thanks again all for taking the time to read this and help me out.

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8 ways to build a buyer list

1. Go to a local real estate club and ask people for the properties they're interested in

2. Go to a public auction ask people for the properties they're interested in

3. Ask a renter for the properties he's interested in

4. Look for the "I buy houses" ads in the newspaper

5. Go to craigslist, backpage or any other websites that have ads

6. Look for the "we buy houses" street signs and give them a call

7. Call every hard money lender you know. Ask them who currently has money and is looking for properties. Incentivize them by telling them you will direct the hard money loan back their way. They may not want to release the information but they can find out what they are looking for on your behalf.

8. Marketing by passing out business cards in places like grocery stores, birthing centers of hospitals, and wedding shops. Wherever people are going through life changes. Or marketing by placing an ad like this in your local newspaper:

I sell homes at 40% off todays already low prices! Call me if you're ready to make money!


Here's a few things you would want to know from the buyers to build a quality buyers list:

• Email address
• Company Name
• First and Last Name
• Company Address
• Preferred Phone
• Fax Number
• Type of property they are interested in: Single Family, Multi-Family, Commercial
• Approximately how much capital are they working with?
• Are they interested in loaning money on mortgages?
• What level of Rehab are they comfortable with?
• How many transactions have they completed in their career?
• How often do they buy property?
• What's their price range and profit margin they expect?
• How much equity they're looking for?


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