55 Postcard tips by Brandon Cornett, Part 3

55 Postcard tips by Brandon Cornett, Part 3

33. Offer a strong benefit with your headline. Describe the value of the message and offer that follow the headline.
34. Write your headline clearly and honestly. Avoid the use of jokes, puns and complex language. Keep it simple so people get it right away.
35. Make your headline interesting. You can't bore people into contacting you.
36. Whenever possible, use numbers and other eye-catching specifics. Avoid generalities.
Postcard Design
37. Hire a professional graphic designer to create your postcard design. At the very least, start with a well-designed template and then customize it. Don't ever mail a postcard that reflects poorly on your organization.
38. Be original. Create a “purple cow,” not just another brown one.
39. Design your postcard in a way that enhances your message and makes it more readable. Don't ever let the design obscure the message.
40. Create the kind of eye-catching postcard that bursts from the mailbox.
A Strong Offer
41. Create a strong postcard offer to motivate your readers and improve your response rates.
42. Build an offer that's related to your product or service in some way. Avoid offers that will attract unqualified prospects and “freebie hunters.”
43. Make sure your postcard offer is relevant and valuable to the reader (your target audience).
44. Whatever you are offering, position it in a way that showcases its value.
45. Offer something different / better / more unique than what the “other guys” are offering.
46. With the offer in mind, revisit your headline to make sure it relates to the offer. Make the entire message cohesive and focused.
47. Follow your offer with a specific call-to-action (next item).
Evoking a Response
48. Tell people what to do next. Use your call-to-action to move the reader forward.
49. Make your call-to-action stand out from the copy around it.
50. Repeat your call-to-action on both sides of the postcard (using callout boxes or starbursts as needed).
51. Make it as simple as possible for people to respond. Give them more than one way to respond.
52. Restate the reason they should respond. Restate the value of your offer.
Testing and Tracking
53. Make sure you have a way to track and test your postcard response rates. You can't improve your results until you know what they are.
54. Try to learn something from each and every postcard you mail out. Change one element at a time to measure the difference in response. This is how you create “super postcards.”
Further Education
55. Spend some time on this website below to further your postcard marketing education.

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Thanks for the triple informative article of 55 tips. These tips may be priceless are we perfect our postcard campaign. The more we try the more we can do! Continued success. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Thank you for taking your time to share so much of your knowledge about post card marketing. There is a lot of great information here that we will be using.

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