Postcard Ideas by Martha Retallick

Postcard Ideas by Martha Retallick

Getting Ideas for Your Postcards
By Martha Retallick

If you're going to do postcard marketing on an ongoing basis, it's a good idea to have a collection of cards to inspire you. In advertising and marketing circles, this is called a "swipe file."
How do you start a swipe file? By watching your mail!
Save all the postcards that arrive in your mailbox for one month, and I guarantee that you?ll have a bumper crop of ideas to choose from. (During the political campaign season, it'll only take a week.)
NOTE: The swipe file is intended to be an inspirational tool for you to generate your own original ideas, not to copy those of others.
I keep my own swipe file in one of those 2-inch file pockets that I bought at an office supply house. File pockets have closed sides, which keep your postcards from falling out and scattering all over the floor.
Once you've created your swipe file, use it as your arsenal of postcard marketing ideas. Draw on it for card design ideas, copywriting ideas, and, hey, while we're at it, ideas for other kinds of promotions that you do. After all, there's nothing that says that an idea you got from a postcard can't be used in a display ad or on a promotional tee shirt!


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