Great article for Realtors that applys to Investors as well!

Great article for Realtors that applys to Investors as well!

Real Estate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid by Brandon Cornett

This article explains the real estate marketing mistakes I've routinely encountered over the years. More importantly, it explains how you — as a real estate agent — can avoid making the same mistakes.

Basics of Real Estate Marketing
Before diving into the best practices of a real estate marketing program, we need to identify the key elements that make up such a program. Let's call this “Real Estate Marketing 101.”

Effective real estate marketing goes beyond simply blasting the neighborhoods with your real estate postcards or fliers. It's about how you present yourself (and your services) to prospective clients. Effective real estate marketing includes elements of public relations, direct marketing and education.

In this particular article, we will dissect the direct marketing side of things. Specifically, we will look at some common mistakes in direct-to-consumer marketing, and how you can avoid them.

Real Estate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
Some agents ignore the basics of persuasive writing, professional insight and originality. Instead, they choose to repeat the same messages used by everyone else.


Because it's easier to imitate than to create.
Because it's quicker to use a boilerplate message and simply change the contact info.
Because of the herd mentality.
Because “I've seen other agents do it ... so it must work.”
Standing Apart to Stand Above
Imagine this. You're a homeowner looking to sell in a buyer's market. (Yikes!) Each week, you get a dozen or more real estate postcards from local agents.

Eleven of those cards carry messages that are virtually identical. They use worn-out phrases and talk about “excellent service” and “total commitment.”

But the last postcard of the week — the 1 of 12 that tried something different — hits you with something more real. It identifies the challenges of selling in a buyer's market and explains how to overcome them. It addresses the other questions burning inside you and promises to answer them.

It doesn't prattle on about the agent's personal accolades and philosophy. It's written in honest, original language. And lastly, it points to a website loaded with helpful resources.

Based on what you know from these 12 postcards, which of the 12 agents would you be most likely to contact? An easy decision, isn't it?

Don't follow the real estate marketing herd. It's hard to be selected from a herd. Put yourself in the lead. Being different is the first step to being better.


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Thanks for sharing this article with great tips and information. I like the part that states "Don't follow the real estate marketing herd. It's hard to be selected from a herd.". It is like they often say, dare to be different. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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