Business Card Marketing, Part 1

Business Card Marketing, Part 1

Real Estate Business Cards - Lessons Learned
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Article summary: Real estate agent business cards are easy to obtain and even easier to use. And even as "low-tech" as they are, biz cards are an essential part of your real estate marketing toolkit. Here's everything you need to know about getting some real estate business cards for yourself.

In a former life, I worked for a commercial printing company in Austin, Texas. I've also designed and purchased my fair share of business cards over the years. So this combined experience puts me in a position to offer you some tips for creating, ordering and using your real estate business cards.

Do Agent Business Cards Still Matter?

In a word, yes. Despite the rising popularity of all things "e-business" related, real estate business cards are still very much a necessity. After all, not all of your clients are going to find you via the Web. You will meet many of your potential clients in person. And having a nice-looking business card handy can make the difference between gaining them as a client or losing them forever.

The Convenience of Online Printing Shops

The Internet has not made the real estate agent business card obsolete. It has simply made them much easier to come by. These days, there are hundreds of web-based printing companies that can produce your business cards in no time at all. In the pre-Internet days, you had to visit the print shop in person with your design on a disk.

But these days, you can design a business card online using the web-based design tools of printing company. You can also design the card yourself (or have a graphic designer do it) and then upload it to the printing company's website. From there, they handle the rest of the process for you. They'll print the cards, package them, and ship them to your doorstep.


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Would you recommend placing a photo of yourself on your business card as an investor. I noticed that most real estate agents do.

Your thoughts?


it put a face to a name! It lets your potential sellers and buyers know who you are and who they're dealing with.


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Most people do have photo on their business cards and its very popular these days.


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