Business Cards

Business Cards

“What should I put on my business cards?” This is a common question we hear from many of our students. Although business cards will vary in design and the information contained on them, they at least need to have your name, a phone number, email address and a slogan. Examples of slogans might be: “I Buy Foreclosures”; “Wholesale Properties for Less”; “We Bring Properties to You”
If you have the means within your budget you may have a fax line, 1-800 phone line and a website that you can advertise on your business card as well.
As good as your business card may look, or as catchy as your slogan may be, if you don’t make a great impression when passing them out – it may not amount to anything.
I love the following example from the movie Ocean’s Eleven with George Clooney and Brad Pitt. At one point in the movie George Clooney (Danny Ocean)is trying to make an impression on someone when he hands out a business card to him. The card simply says his name “Danny Ocean” in bold letters on the front with no other contact information. The man looks at the card quizzically, turns it over and asks something like: “How will I get a hold of you?” And Clooney (Ocean) responds; “Don’t worry. I’ll get in touch with you!”
The point is this: Clooney (Ocean) makes an unforgettable impression with his unique style of handing out his business card. Now you may not be George Clooney, but you certainly can make a great first impression. Get those cards ready and start handing them out!


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Thanks rgrimm

Thanks for the help I'm working on putting my business card together but I am triying to put together a business name and I got different ideas how to put a name together but just having a hard time. If you got good Ideas I really would like to know any help is appreciated thanks olot.

I love the Ocean's 11

I love the Ocean's 11 example! Thanks for the info.


Success and Nothing Less!


Thanks for the information on business cards. Sometimes less is more! Your cards can bring you some great deals, so the more people remember you the more potential deals that may come your way. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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