Potential Buyers!

Potential Buyers!

When you have a potential buyer and their telling you what kind of property their interested in ie (sq footage,location, price, etc.) how do you go about looking for that property? how can you find it?


Finding Properties

You have many options. You could be putting out bandit signs in areas that have those types of homes, then when they call you get info about the home and see if there is any equity in the deal. If so, make them an offer. Also, you can always use Realtors to your advantage. Tell them what type of property you are looking for, as they can be extremely specific when running their searches on the MLS. Put in a ton of low offers, not many, but some will bite. Usually about 1 in every 25 or 30, but then flip that deal to your investor. Plus, it seems like if theres a house for sale nowadays, its probably on Craigslist. Use it to your advantage, you would be surprised at the deals you could fish out of there. Good Luck!

Martin Meyer
Ascendancy Solutions

How I find properties

I have a potential buyer looking for a certain kind of property and I was able to find two in the area he is wanting to live and and the size of property he is looking for buy going to some of the local real estate agents in the area I found two places like this that are interested to my potential buyer and have made offers to these two owners as well and will be hearing from them soon. Lots of luck and maybe this will be of help to you.

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