RE ads

RE ads

Heres a example of a ad that I am curently running on a property

$150,900 Hoby farm
4 bedroom 2 full baths
Fenced 5 acres
Phone---------- Bill

Let me know what you think I like feed back of any kind.



Thanks for sharing your ad with us. You may want to consider the following suggestions for the ad:

- Try a flashier headline like "Deal of the Decade!" or Look - Need to Sell in 2 Weeks!
- include the original asking price like was $200,000 for two weeks only will sacrifice at $150,900!
- you may want to describe the 5 acres such as grassy flat land, rolling hills, Beautiful trees, etc. Also include other features if near a stream, river or lake, etc.

Good luck, I hope this helps. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Your ad

Where are you running the ad? Is it on a free site? If so, add to it. Make it mouth watering. Use words to describe it that makes the person reading it really REALLY want to see it.

If you are paying for the ad in the local paper you really have to limit your words but give them more than 4/2 fenced 5 acres.

This ad will draw investors because you look like a very motivated seller.

You may try some of the free websites and experiment with different wording.