Exit Strategies

Exit Strategies

Exit Strategies Part 2
by Jeff Jensen

Here’s a quick breakdown of each of the three strategies and their techniques.
• Fast Cash
o Not Purchasing
 Bird dog/Acting as a finder
 Assignment of Contract (Buyer has money)
 Instant Equity Exchange (Buyer doesn’t have money yet)
Note: The above techniques are great for building seed capitol!
o Purchasing
 Buy & Sell (Handyman special)
 Buy, Fix & Sell
 Joint Venture (Bring a money partner)
• Limited Partnership Agreement
• Buy & Hold
o Rentals (SFR, 1-4 Units)
o Commercial (5+Units)
• Cash-flow
o Options
o Lease Options
o Sandwich Lease Options
o Seller Financing (Including Wrap-around & Land Contracts)
Regardless of the strategy and technique you select, someone has to either buy or rent a property for you to make money on the deal. The great news is that it doesn’t have to be you! By finding and building up a pool of buyers or renters first, you can get out and shop for property as though you have the money in your back pocket.
As an investor, you generally want to start with whatever you have the least of first, either buyers or sellers. In a fast moving market investors typically begin finding great property deals, once they have one, they are easy to sell or rent.
In a slower moving market like today, begin with your buyers or renters. This way you can determine what they are looking for and can spend time looking for property that matches up. Do yourself a favor and don’t worry about looking for property that doesn’t meet one of your buyers or renters criteria.
Think of all the time you’ll save by beginning with the end in mind. No more wasting time driving through neighborhoods and looking at property you can’t do anything with!

Up Next… Multiple ways to find buyers


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